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    Hi, I’m Joyce Carol and I love making jewelry — especially pieces inspired by nature.  My greatest pleasure is having my jewelry worn and treasured.  First I am inspired by nature, followed by work in design and fabrication.  I am always a student, practicing various jewelry making skills such as metalsmithing and torch work, lapidary, wire work and more.  


     As a child I loved collecting pretty shells and rocks.  I am a third generation American of Japanese ancestry, whose parents strongly encouraged me to get a practical college degree.  A satisfying career as a clinical hospital pharmacist has given me daily opportunities to help patients.  But my passion and avocation has been being a jewelry maker.  Auntie Mitzie (my parents' friend), showed me how to pearl knot a strand of beads and from there I was hooked! I am grateful for the members of the Culver City Rock and Mineral Club, Venice Adult Metalsmithing Class, The Artists Studio of Palos Verdes, the Torrance Community Parks and Recreation Class in Metalsmithing, and to my son Chris, an aerospace engineer, who loves watching me struggle — then offers a better method of fabrication.

My Story
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